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Our Studio

A father and son team challenging the web design market place.

We want to break the norm of overpriced impersonal web services.

We believe in making sure everything is a crystal clear from day one. You will know what you will be getting and when, no surprises, no underestimated time frames or prices. Everything is laid out front he start. 

What makes us different.

We will tell you if we cannot do something. If we cannot give you what you want, we will tell you and also offer a solution. You can then decide if you want to continue or not.

My Dad

Lou’s background of expertise started within print many decades ago. He has watched and adapted as the world wide web took over the world.


Hey I’m Lucas. I come from a digital media background, developing on various technologies and platforms. I bring the social media and web design skills to the table. 

Our Culture, Values and Visions

Clear & Simple
Cost Effective

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