Meet the team

A father and son team challenging the web design market place.



Our History

With over 50 years of print, design and web experience combined.

We have seen fades come and go and technologies rise and fall. So we think we know a little about what works and what doesn't.

My dad's background of experise started within print many decades ago. He has watched and adapted as the world wide web was developed.He brings the years of coding expierence.

I come from a digital media background and to be honest just enjoy making websites. 

Our Values

No need to overcomplicate things, we have a few key values.

  • Provide a great service - After all that's why you came here isn't it?
  • Be cost effective - The saying "you get what you pay for" shouldn't always be true.
  • Keep things clear - No technical jargon and we will also tell you if we can't do something.

LS Website Design 2020